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Cheap Freaks

Bury Them All

Big Neck Records

Cheap Freaks have been gigging for a couple of years now, slowly and surely becoming bigger and essentially better at making a supreme racket. Made of various members of various now defunct Dublin bands.

Bury Them All does what a record should do, excite. Its 14 tracks are all in their own inimitable way a bit buzzier than the next. What even creates more zip and flow to the whole record is the 1-2-3-4 intro-then-boom, crunching guitars, a wooing organ backed by a drummer doing his best at testing the limits of his kit. The fuzz created is hard to pigeonhole but essentially its garage punk with heart and shouting.

This is no standard piece of garage rock though as within the noise there is variance. There are two-minute balls out punk numbers (1984, Ceaser The Deciever) and there are neo-psych jams (Bolsheviks) to tunes that sound and feel more like The Cramps than The Cramps did on their later gear(Naked in the Rain/ Free Of You).

Cheap Freaks first EP release was a straight up in-yer-face garage snarl, two years later; Bury Them All seems more like a matured growl. With Brady and Dodd sharing vocals and bettering each other with their macho musings is a particular highlight.

Bury Them All, is powerful beast, it encases a fantastic garage punk fuzz.

Will they break out of the Dublin clique and conquer the planet? Only time will tell.

But “It’s a cruel World.”

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